Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bubby's - Just like home, but don't tell your Mother.

Now most Jewish boys will claim that the greatest cooks in their lives are their mother and their grandmothers. The reasons for this are two fold: it's true and if you didn't say this, their mother and grandmothers would suffer so much grief, they'd probably die from it. The other night The Cuz, Mrs. Cuz and I were out to dinner at Bubby's, a Tribeca staple, known for its baby friendly atmosphere and comfort food (just like grandma's, right?). We were there to celebrate the Tribeca Film festival and to dine on what is considered some of the city's best mac 'n' cheese.

Due to a baby birthday party, (NB: I haven't seen so many strollers in one place since my last visit to Park Slope), we had a decent wait at the bar. It being Sunday, I ordered the house Bloody Mary. Spicy, think and topped with a long stalk of celery, it was amazing to see this mix being poured out of a plastic jug. Although not the best I've ever had, it definitely topped the list. After being seated, The Cuz and I debated on ordering nachos, but decided to save room for Bubby's famous pie. I ordered the buttermilk-fried chicken, with mac 'n' cheese and the recommended mashed potatoes as my two sides. As noted in the menu, the fried chicken was cooked to order and the allotted twenty-two minutes were used in their entirety. Now before I get to the meal, I must apologize to the kitchen staff. For a moment, I thought they were going to cleaver a chicken in half, chuck it in the fryer and serve it up, no frills style. Boy was I wrong. What was presented to me were four beautiful pieces (leg, wing, thigh and breast, natch) of golden brown, crispy heaven. Their chicken, which is soaked in homemade brine for twenty-four hours before frying, should set the standard of gourmet fried chicken. It is non-greasy, moist and tender; and when mixed with bites of mashed potatoes and mac 'n' cheese it tastes just as good as any home cooked meal you ever had.

Starving off our nacho indulgence paid off in the end. The Cuz and I spilt the Apple-Whiskey pie, a la mode, while Mrs. Cuz enjoyed the Sour Cherry Pie served in the same style. The pie was a bit under warmed, but just hot enough to melt the ice cream with each bite. The whiskey complimented the thin apple slices and the slightly burnt crust sealed the deal. All in all the meal was the perfect way to end a long weekend and I wound up taking home two pieces of chicken, thus not cleaning the proverbial plate. And while that might be all right at Bubby's, it's just something that wouldn't fly at home.

Bubby's is located at 120 Hudson St in New York City


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