Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer Wrap Up - Five Meals in Five Sentences

So I’ve been out on the road for the last week and will be doing the same till the end of August. I thought I’d give a quick summer wrap up to some of the places I’ve eaten and enjoyed, but did not write about. So here we go, five meals in five sentences.

Ruby’s: An Aussie hole in the wall that serves organic greens, seasonal vegetables and mouth watering burgers. Recommended: The Pumpkin Pasta, with goat cheese and chili oil.

Brown Cafe: A biodynamically centered café that uses local vegetables, free range meats, and fish from conscientious purveyors. (Stolen right from the website, sorry!) Recommended: The octopus salad with shaved fennel, green beans, grape tomatoes and capers.

Lodge: An infamous institution for hipster Brunch, this Williamsburg eatery is the place to go for a couple of Bloody Mary’s and eggs any Sunday morning. Recommended: The Biscuits and Gravy with Eggs.

Union Picnic: A taste of the South in the heart of Brooklyn, this fine establishment serves up some of the best fried chicken, fried steak and friend vegetables this side of the Mason Dixon. Recommended: The Chicken Fried Chicken and Fries.

East 88: This Chinese restaurant is a savior from the run-of-the-mill Plexiglas institutions that populate this great city. Recommended: Lychee Duck with Plum Sauce.


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